Frequently Asked Questions

How many gifts should an angel sponsor purchase?
Our wish list is organised into three categories: WANTS, NEEDS, and EDUCATIONAL. We encourage our angel sponsors to purchase items for each category.We strive to provide each child with at least 5 items: 1 WANT, 3 NEEDS(generally consisting of socks, underwear,shirt,pants,shoes,jackets) and 1 EDUCATIONAL item. Please note that you are not expected to purchase everything on a child’s wishlist… these are merely suggestions.
What if there is an expensive item in the WANT section?

Purchase what you feel comfortable purchasing!

These kids see the same commercials and store displays our kids see. Their wish list reflects that. We leave expensive items on the list as some individuals may choose to purchase the item.We generally try to provide sponsors with an alternate suggestion to an expensive item.

Example 1: Beats headphones are a popular request. We try to write “or Beats-type headphones that can be found on Amazon such as Jabra Move $60, Mpow 059 Bluetooth $35 or iJoy Wireless $16.”

Example 2: For American Girl doll requests we try to write “or other 34-inch doll alternative, such as the My Life doll from Walmart or the Our Generation dolls from Target.”

Example 3: Nike Air Jordans have been requested. We leave items like this on the wish list so you know that Nike is a brand the child likes. If you don’t want to purchase Air Jordans, perhaps another Nike shoe, a Nike t-shirt, Nike drawstring bag, or Nike Air Jordan baseball hat.

What if there is an expensive item in the EDUCATIONAL section?

We do provide tablets and scientific calculators for educational purposes. Just like your child, these children our being asked to use learning apps, use the internet for research and use scientific calculators. As with other requests, please purchase what you feel comfortable providing. You do not need to feel obligated to accommodate these electronic requests.

Tablets: As a rule we only provide tablets to children in the 5th grade or above. A small 7″ or 8″ tablet can be purchased between $40-$60. The children do NOT need cellular/internet plans, as they can access the internet via their school WiFi.

Scientific Calculators: The ACT requires certain models for scientific calculators. These calculators are quite expensive ranging in price from $85-$160. Black Friday sales are a great time to grab these calculators as they will usually go on sale. You can access the ACT calculator requirements here:

We do NOT provide laptops. If you receive a laptop request, please contact us.

Do I wrap the gifts?

Please DO NOT wrap the gifts. We moved away from wrapping for several reasons. However, the main reason is to better engage the parents of our recipients in the gift giving process.

If you would like to include wrapping paper, tape, bows or gift bags for the family to use, that is up to each individual sponsor. We are not requesting or suggesting that it be included. If you would like to donate such items, please place them in a sturdy black garbage bag.

When do we drop off the angel gift bags?

We collect the angel gift bags at a designated location on the first Monday of December. This year, our collection date in Monday, 12/5.