We appreciate our valuable sponsors!

Santa Sponsors

Elf Sponsors

Reindeer Sponsors

Gingerbread Helpers

Looking to become one of our corprate sponsors?

There are several ways to become a sponsor!

  • Depending on the amount of people working in your office, you can adopt between 1-100 kids
  • Donate money – $100 will give an angel a very merry Christmas!
  • Donate time to collect food and gifts for our Angels and their families
  • Sponsor a food drive in your office- we fill 1,200 baskets of food
  • 1,200 Laundry baskets at $3.50 each = $4,200
  • 1,200 Frozen turkeys at $12.00 each = $14,400
  • 1,200 Aluminum foil turkey pans at $3.00 each = $3,600
  • 1,200 Gallons of milk at $3.00 each = $3,600
  • 1,200 Loaves of bread at $1.75 each = $2,100
  • Food company sponsors donate 1,200 boxes/bags of food they specialize in
  • Pick up the tab on our printing and postage for the year = 2,500

Your genorous donations will give your company exposure on our sponsors page.

Special thanks to J. Tiger Martial Arts and National Charity League for their large donations and continued support.